Monday, May 9, 2011

Miss, would you please step out of the car?

This one time. . . .

I decided to trust online dating... This was more in the time of online casual hookup, or meeting, though. NOT a scenario. I met this guy who was relatively mysterious, and also DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. SO hot it should be illegal. (I shot myself in the ass, on that one). He was 6'4, well built, beautiful tan skin, salt and pepper hair, and dimples and a smile to DIE for... He's got a few nicknames, but none of this does him any justice. (pun intended, lawl)

So following a few weeks of online exchanges, casual talk, getting to know each other style shit shooting, we decided to meet up.
He picks me up in my neighborhood (Not on my block! what if he was gross or ugly, and what if someone I knew saw us?!?) and we proceeded to drive to dinner... Two lights later, we are pulled over. YAY.

Somehow, his mortification was enough for the both of us, because this was probably one of the most awkward situations Ever. I got in his pants on the first date- LITERALLY because since he was cuffed (expired license, and I don't even know what else) I was nice enough to reach into his pants to get his cell phone to call his brother. I don't remember the exact conversation but it was along the lines of

"Hi, it's ****'s friend Christie, and he has to talk to you but can't hold the phone" (I know I chose my words stupidly) and held the phone up for him as he told his brother the long winded story and I tried desperately not to listen to the details.

So, two blocks away from where I live, I had to watch him get placed into custody and have his car taken away, and then walk away from ONE of the most unfulfilled dates ever. Notice I said ONE of, but not the worst. Just thought I ought to point that out.

Oh, and by the way- there was a second date. And actually, several more months of dating to follow. Ultimately it did not work out, but as far as I know he is NOT doing time.

This entry was inspired by a new blog I just read, which you can read here

Let me know where we lie on level of entertainment, so I know whether this was a wasted entry or at least a bit entertaining.

By the way, in case you wanted to tell me I have awful taste in men, I already know.

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NATALIE said...

HAHA OMG this is too funny! i love that you gave him a second chance, i would have done the same.... whats wrong with us lol