Friday, May 20, 2011

Bill Murray at the Liquor Store

Jan 12, 08:06

“Absolutely no bullshit here. It was a slow day at the liquor store i work at. My manager was taking a smoke break around back. Bill Murray walked in. he was wearing big shades and a hat. he didn’t want to be noticed. he asked where our grain alcohol was. i was dumbfounded. i loved bill murray’s work. i grew up on ghostbusters. the life aquatic is one of the few movies that makes me bawwww like an infant. i couldn’t even think of how i could begin to praise him, so instead i pointed out the everclear. he took a pint off the shelf, put a mouth ful in his mouth, pulled out a lighter, and shot a flame in the middle of the store. he slapped a twenty on the counter and whispered, ‘No one’s gonna believe you.’”


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