Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pardon my french

I know, I'm being kind of a jerk.

It's been a few weeks of these one line funny picture blog entries.. I've been lazy. Are they at least enjoyable?
I'm better than that... I'm pretty damn funny, actually.

For example.. let me tell you about my night.

Who else can say this:

I bullied a corporate softball team to take their stupid nachos off the foos ball table at Jakes. They were not amused, but complied.
I lost miserably at pool after several margaritas, cider (im a punk) and a shot of jameson.
I was wasted by midnight. Humiliating. Yes, folks, i am a bartender.
I told the bouncer at Jakes he looked like a super villain that was about to tie a damsel to train tracks and rub the ends of his mustache.
I left my window in my room open during the monsoon. Smart girl, I know.
Got a pedicure at Pinky salon during the day. Little Asian dude massaged my legs before he painted my toes... I felt strangely uncomfortable. It seems like an intimate thing.
Did some drunk dialing. No hilarious night is complete with out it.
Moved my room around in such a way that there is no where to put a bed.
On the plus side, I don't have a bed.
Went shopping yesterday. Not logical. I use the excuse that its for my birthday. 25 is a big year.
That is all.

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