Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ummm. . . note to self: be more aware of the things i spend money on and allow to sit in my closet.

apparently, i thought looking like a figure skater was a fashion statement at one point in my life.

fact: I own a black star printed tube dress with a figure skater style skirt (uneven hem, naturally)... It sorts of looks like a beach coverup (so nasty)

Anyway, i decided since at one point in my life is was worth the $2.99 (there's no way it cost more than that) that I would wear it to sleep.

verdict: hideous. i feel like the weirdos that live in the outskirts of NY, the islanders and jersey people. it is comfortable, though. . . . still. . . . won't be seeing the light of day unless it is to torch/destroy in front of anyone with the misfortune of having eyesight that I come across.

anyone else have something really gross in their closet?

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