Monday, July 13, 2009

some stuff in my room.

I've been watching youtube, and all these people are doing "51 things I have in my room". I was thinking about it. I have some cool stuff.

I was looking at some of the things I created in my room... I thought I'd take a couple of pictures and share. What do you think?

Aside from the gratuitous amounts of purple, at least, do you like?
The dresser was all banged up and brown so I painted it and made it look new and fun.
The picture frames were broken, and since I had just done the dresser, I decided to just make a matching set of frames.

The door was already purple... I took that fence looking thing from the dresser and just nailed it to the door. Instant earring holder. I think it looks cool. I finally bent up the ends at the bottom the other day so I could have a place to hang some of my necklaces.

1 comment:

Strong Cookie said...

you need a picture in the middle frame on the right!

and maybe an update of some outdated pics!