Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wanna be in my brain?

hop in bitches. I will be taking requests for blog topics. I figure this way, most of the time, I will have something to say. My entries have been very lazy and effortless, and I'd like keep you silly little bitches interested.

First one:

There is a fine line between a pair of shoes that is inexpensive and looks like a million bucks, and a cheap pair of 5.99 tacky ho shoes.

Let's make sure we take a look at ourselves before we leave our houses, ladies.
I'm not a name brand whore at all. I don't shop for a name- ever. I shop (and repeat shop) in places where I have good luck and things fit me and look good on me.

ladies- just because it is trendy, doesn't mean it looks good on you.
Just because it is gorgeous, doesn't mean it is gorgeous on you.
Just because it doesn't LOOK like it's gonna look good on- try it on.
If you can't walk in the heels without looking like you have a 20 foot pole up your ass, you shouldn't be wearing them.
Sex appeal and style is all about the person, you make it that way.

P.S. all the money in the world can't buy style. Just because the tag says $500 or whatever, doesn't mean it's automatically gonna look good cuz of the brand name. Ugly is ugly.

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