Thursday, June 4, 2009

more celebrity hilariousness

Guess the pictures, and then scroll to the bottom to see who they are (except for the two that are named on the picture)

Here's another bunch of fun pictures of celebrities when they were younger.

1. Tom waits!!! Wow.. I mean it looks like him, I guess it's undeniable. Still, thoroughly entertaining. he looks even more like Ron Perlman

2. Verne Troyer- there is something very scary about this guy.

3. Wentworth Miller- is it fair that someone be this good looking their entire life? Seriously.. So hot.

4. Jean Reno!!! Paul- If you ever wanted to know what Tony looked like when he was little- there it is!!!

5. Tom Petty. teeth.

6. Steven Tyler. Hey Steven, a fish called. It wants it's lips back.

7. Iggy Pop- the only time this man has ever resembled a normal sane human being.

8. Michael Stipe + hair = hilarious cupid like creature

9. Johnny Cash, bitches. He looks a bit like a former Knights By Night member, if you ask me.

10. Janis Joplin- strange cross between this girl I know of and Harrison Ford.

more to come, this was throughly entertaining

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