Thursday, April 30, 2009

where do they work? and does the job need to tell them that? ew

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

jackass called. they want their idea back, lameasses

this should be on the fail site.

yea, this already happened, steve-O did it, and he did it in a thong, a tutu, and iceskates. *and a heart boob bikini*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

they are dueling to the death

for some reason i can only think of the scene in Cable Guy where they are at Medieval times and jim carrey is humming the music for the fight scene. Here.

Failblog- again, my favorite.

Monday, April 27, 2009

it says fail, but i am convinced it is a success!


though i'll admit, the poor thing must be conflicted.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nature is beautiful

Well, nature, and space.

I can't believe that there are things in out in the universe out of our atmosphere that really look like this!

I want to go to there.

Also, it's called the cartwheel galaxy. thats awesome all by itself!

Friday, April 24, 2009

so creative! who would have ever thought?!?!?!

i feel so stupid. i can't believe i didnt think of it first.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

help me understand, please

before i have nightmares for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

what a douche

at some point, that dollar meant something to him. what a dick face.

it's kind of hilarious how confused he appears to be.. like he hasn't seen a bill under $100 in many years.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

what a raging bitch!

what did this guy do?!?!!
thats really rotten!!

and hilarious

EMBED-Girlfriend Booby Traps Bedroom Floor - Watch more free videos

spiderman got his butt blasted

how did the animators miss this?

or did they?

or...didn't they!??!?!?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

so gross. save me now.

Isopods? What are they? family of shrimp and lobsters?

No, they are monstrosities! they are freaking prehistoric looking monster animal creatures from dark colored lagoons and I don't ever need to see one!! they make me feel itchy i'd like to forget that i know what they are. anyone with me on these things looking like mutated waterbugs?!?!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

this kid needs a serious beating

how does it feel!?!?!

wtf she needed to give him a tooth sandwich! what a little bastard! he sort of reminds me of that chris farley character, the man that lives down by the river (in his van) look at the way he sits and his mannerisms and frantic speaking.

ugh.. i tried to find a clip. just google it, i can't seem to embed it!


Just in case you are a dunce...the failblog posted this picture...

watch the video if you don't understand.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clever Japanese!

Well, I don't actually know if it is Japanese Sushi.. But I AM sure that it is OBAMA sushi! so cool!

ALso looks tasty.

as usual, source unknown, I just find a lot of random things. so who wants to take a bite outta Obama?

And here is a Japanese Bento box with some Wall-E Sushi!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

because it's just so comfy!

so bow to it. unless you like polyester.

Tara Donovan is a genius.

It's one of those things... I know people that can't appreciate art like hers simply because of that fact that it makes them feel sick to their stomachs, literally. The repetitive and overwhelming nature of how this art was created is overwhelming and so I could never take those people to see this. I am convinced they are missing out.

She uses things that you would not think could be so beautiful. Styrofoam cups, paper plates, straws, fishing line, tape. . . etc... and made some breathtaking installations.

These all came directly from


mobile upload!

I just liked it, is all. funny story: my phone is broken, i can only text on it. what phone should i replace it with?

Monday, April 13, 2009

the white lion (For Leonor)

Gorgeous, and unphotoshopped. This is what the lion looks like. Its apparently some sort of mutation, not albinism.
This is awesome... Imagine what an all black lion would look like- that would be an amazing sight. like a black panther, only with a big black furry mane. sounds like a puddle of awesome to me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

cutest bunny in the world. happy easter

i believe the children are our future

man on horse?

Mario Brothers had it all wrong.

not white with red polka dots, neon blue! duh.

this looks like you would die if you came within 4 feet of it. Aren't most things that are naturally vibrant strange colors lethal to humans?

The Little Mermaid

This is so sad! I didn't know about this disease, but apparently this little girl wasn't fully developed in the womb, and now her legs are fused together, she's got no uterus, genitalia, no colon, one kidney, and her legs are fused together like a mermaid!
It's had previously watched more about this but am still hunting for the video online. This is the intro.

Account balances of the world.. US at 191

Thursday, April 9, 2009

pet peeves... everyone has them...

I can just name 25. Candidly. No writer's block for this one.

1. when i am listening to itunes and every song is wonderful on shuffle and then ONE stupid horrible song destroys the mood and flow.
2. people that take elevators one flight down.
3. hearing people chew their food in my ear, slurping, smacking gum. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to it and it is an invitation for me to drop kick you
4. uncalled for rudeness
5. get the FUCK out of the way when i walk out of the train (or when anyone does) LOGICALLY you must let people OUT before your stupid sweaty fat ass can flop your ass into a seat three sizes too small for you.
6. if i just say "williamsburg" does that make sense?
7. when people say "no offense" (because it OBVIOUSLY is the concern of the person saying it that they will offend yet still bother to give this cautionary warning...
8. people that walk slowly and get in the way and are oblivious of their surroundings so that you are stuck doting behind them when YOU actually have somewhere to be.
9. voicemails disgust me. I don't like listening to them, and i certainly don't like leaving them because i always do a TERRIBLE job (ummmmmmmm is my favorite word for voicemails)
10. lateness- a good one. I hate to wait. I always get everywhere too early. I am on freak of nature time. Trust me, I know this.
11. fucking robot phones. I dont want to fucking do this voice recognition thing- seriously. I want to talk to a fucking human. Ask anyone, I am frequently cursing out the phone robots. They ask you all this personal shit and then the asshole that finally picks up asks you the SAME fucking questions. let's get it together, technology.
12. Poor grammar, jesus christ... that weird thing that people do when they "abbreviate" words and spell things wrong and all "hookt on fonix" style. Thankfully it is seldom seen on facebook, but when I do see it i want to vomit on the person and then flush them down a garbage disposal. WHY THE HELL are you spelling "seksii" incorrectly and with more letters than are actually required? asshole.
13. standing in a long line? get your shit ready- DONT wait til you get to the teller/cashier etc to take out your wallet, tell your life story, fill out the deposit slip, pick your nose, or Holy shit.. Be on the phone and make the counter person (and therefore everyone behind you as well) wait like a jackass while you finish on your stupid phone call. ASSHOLE!
14. when a guy in a moving vehicle hits on me. WHAT THE FUCK WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO DO, CHASE THE CAR?!?!?! and also, almost always UGLY
15. telemarketers. I often send them into fits of rage or panic, sometimes tell them to fuck off, sometimes tell them wrong number, or just initiate casual conversation until they hang up. sometimes i say i am going through a tunnel, or pretend i cant hear them. combine #11 with this one- telemarketers that call your house, and then it goes straight to a message putting YOU on hold!! wtf!!
16. i like drinks with ice leo, i do. because then the ice melts and it's like, second drink! so therefore i too hate beverages sans ice. i hate warm drinks.
17. when people tell you what you are eating looks/smells/sounds gross. FUCK YOU, i like it, you spoiled the experience, and now i will feel weird eating it in front of you. DICKface.
18. my uncanny ability to read people and my excellent judge of character and even more acute ability to completely disregard first ability and trust these people anyway. burn.
19. i'd say excessive updates from people I have no interest in hearing about, but then again, my updates are worse than anyone else i know, and i'd be a huge hypocrite. also, when people spend all day looking at your page and have nothing nice to say! really!
20. close talkers with hot breath. just ew, it smells like you been chewin on shit! (doodoo chews)
21. lies, omissions, its all the same.
22. one uppers. it's so obnoxious! seriously.
23. unruly children in public places. SLAP that little motherfucker if he's out of line. Don't try to reason with little susie, don't beg your kid- RUN that shit like the boss, HELLO you made the little bastard- you brought them into this world...etc... i hate when kids answer back and yell at their parents.
24. people that act like assholes when you want to pet their dogs in the street. don't give me that looK! just cuz people like your dog more than they like you! go kick some rocks!!
25. excessive catty-ness. (including the one-upping style cattyness

anyone else?