Thursday, January 8, 2009

I started young, so what?!?!?!

a) i had a carpet like that in my house growing up
b) I had glasses just about that big on my face, but in pink, and blue, and just about every other color too.
c) I pretty much had a MULLET
d) I wore leggings, I wore big sweatshirts, I wore frilly dresses and frilly button down blouses, and I wore ski boots. Sometimes, it wasn't even snowing.
e) Bad timing, because if I wore all that shit now (all at once) I'd be in a fucking American Apparel ad. ain't that some SHIT!!!

1 comment:

Strong Cookie said...

a) there was no need to bring my impeccable sense of style into this.

b) you KNOW how I feel about PENGUINS!