Friday, December 12, 2008

OH more.....!!!

No. If you know me from myspace, please delete me from your friends.

Woman or man? Uncle fester?

Not totally horrible, but they could use some cleaning up....shes actually very pretty.

Nike said: Just do it

What loses, baby corn teeth, crazy eyebrows, shitty makeup, hello kitty tshirt, or dog collar? hmmmm so many choices.

I think she thought this was a great idea. not so much. She looks insane. and maybe SHe is a he.

WHY????? it looks like she did that shit with a ruler.

Poor girl... just needs a weedwacker. (moustache?)

somebody got tweezer crazy

no. trim that shit, bitch

wow... so many sharpies. they should own stock in sharpie.

jackass, mad rectangular brows.


i understand we were being creative. but, still ugly.

protractor eyebrows?

too severe. you look like marilyn manson. and he is prettier.

grow a pair.

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