Saturday, December 27, 2008


My Christmas was FUCKING GREAT!!!

I had such a great week with everyone, I worked at the bar :( but then made it home to the family by twelve, and Pauly and his lovely cousin Victoria (who was visiting from Japan on leave from the Navy) Came to hang out and make Christmas perfect. Paul got me a couple of Wii games for Christmas (among many other things) and I have been a complete zombie at home with the game when I am not at the Underground hangin' out. These are the games I have been playing nonstop (on my new tv!!):

Anyway, I learned a few things this Christmas:

-getting drunk and going home to your family? = hilarious
-do not walk with Paul down the street when it is snowy out, or you will get thrown into a pile of snow when you are walking down the street with Paul....
-You can park in front of a school on Christmas and not get a ticket.
-Being in the Navy does NOT mean having any sort of sense of direction.
-Do NOT go out on Christmas Day, drink jameson, beer, vodka, AND jack daniels together and then go to City Diner, because it will not work out well at all.
-Avoid walking into pool tables and hitting the change feeder, or you will have a purple blue and green bruise all over your leg the next morning.
-Help a navy girl clean out her rental car at 5am with your insane boyfriend. If you do, please expect to be listening to a really loud 90's mix and dance on the sidewalk while emptying out salt and pepper shakers.
-do not spill salt. If you do spill salt, please make sure you spill more over your shoulder and hit the person sitting behind you (vicky). Also, steal the salt and pepper. it makes you a total badass.
-If you are going to steal a homeless's (?) record collection that he left out in the street, make sure he is not there when you are taking it. If he is, please run. (or drive away)
-Do not go to a barbecue restaurant and expect to stay alert and awake throughout the meal, because under all circumstances, you will get the itis and fall asleep at the table.
-Do not tease your Bff, OMG. If you do, expect to slam your arm into a metal door edge and scrape your skin the same night you slam your thigh into a pool tables change feeder.
-Do not drink while you are serving alcohol. also, do not sing karaoke while doing so, or you will most certainly cut your finger and inevitably get plenty of lime juice in your cut, ensuing horrifying pain.
-teach people slapping games
-Play drinking games unless you intend to win!!!
-laugh as much as possible.
-smile even more often!

That's three perfect holidays and a perfect birthday, all in the same year. Common denominator? Mi coyote!

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