Monday, August 4, 2008

Um...Who? more importantly...Why?

Phoebe Price. Explain to me how this 80 year old woman has convinced everyone who has heard of her that she is 29 years old, and a model/actress?

I find her attractive, in that.... plasticky liverspotted overly freckled (too much sun exposure, sweetie) funky plastic surgery kind of way. I actually really do kind of love her hair...but what's up with everything else? She's kind of a huge mess.

Someone please tell me that she is actually a credible actress? Even if you tell me shes been in a dozen and a half Q list movies..Anything that tells me she is not a piece of garbage lunatic that has managed to infiltrate Hollywood by means of ignorant paparazzi?

Here are some pictures of this random sea monster. The last one is the only real undoctored photo of her running a muck at some event.

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Mario said...

Ugh. We should petition for the creation of a new subhuman race, Homo Plasticans. It's like they are from another planet.