Friday, July 18, 2008

the Dark Knight

Let's begin with this:

Me and my favorite movie buddy went to the 3:30AM showing at Lincoln Square. I got onto fandango too late yesterday and the midnight shows were all sold out, Cest La vie. SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! It's crazy, we got to my house about 10pm after he got out of work and fell asleep after a few hours, only to wake up at 2:45am and "contemplate" whether or not we would make it to the movie. We contemplated until about 3:15 and then hopped our asses to a cab and made our way to lincoln square, to the awesome Loews theatre. we got good seats even though when I called the theater earlier that night they said there was a line for the 3:30 showing since midnight, we got good seats, didnt wait on any lines like a couple of jackasses, and came RIGHT on time for the previews. Oh, we made it alright.

Want some of the movie experience? Here are some of the trailers we got to see:

Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation

Leo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe

Watchmen trailer, but we got a much better look than you will see below

I feel like there was one more, but I am drawing a blank because im too busy thinking about how much ass Heath Ledger kicked in that movie. He killed FUCKING EVERYONE!!!

The Dark Knight blew my fucking mind.

I mean this in the most respectful way ever: Heath Ledger truly went down with guns blazing. That movie reminded me what good acting is. What commitment to a role is. What total bad assery is all about.
He fully put Jack Nicholson and any other actors that ever attempted joker TO SHAME.

The movie had me fully into it from the very beginning scene. It was non stop amazing and sick and funny and clever and like 7928232 kinds of awesome.

Aaron Eckhart as two face? Wow... his character wasn't as interesting as Heath Ledger, but the overall appearance of two face was so fully disgusting!!!!

Dear sweet little Maggie Gyllenhaal, I adore her too. Her character was like any other female in the batman movies. I won't say anymore than that.

Look out for these scenes for the ultimate bad assery:

-Opening scene, fully absurd. School bus.

-The scene with the bad guys in the basement- namely "the pencil"

-the hospital, funny guys in drag.

Seriously, I wish that movies like the Dark Knight were taken seriously enough, because Heath Ledger deserves some sort of post mortem Oscar commemoration thing for this role. He definitely made the movie.

Comish Gordon: I FUCKING LOVE GARY OLDMAN. Between Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger, this movie was destined for greatness. Aaron Eckhart is pretty cool too. I mean lets just think about what an oddball cast ensemble this is, and then let me tell you that you have no idea what you are getting yourselves into.

Won't get into these guys too much, but Michael Caine is always awesome, Maggie Gyllenhall is awesome too (Secretary: put it on your must see list) Cillian Murphy was in the movie for like 2.5 seconds, but Murphy is so damn creepy his eyes burned through my skull and into my brain enough that I remember his moment in the movie. Nestor Carbonell is cool cuz he is from Lost, even though I think he was channeling Jack Sparrow with the eyeliner and mascara...Oh, and did I fail to mention that fucking DEEBO is in the movie?? seriously?!??!?! Friday's Deebo has a damn cameo in the movie. And fucking Morgan Freeman. He wasn't even narrating, he was just in the movie being all Morgan Freeman-y.

Christian Bale, last, but not least. Hot cubed. He is the best batman, hands down. No cheesiness (thank god) and I had a hard time ignoring his lisp, but still got over it because hes a badass with a great voice (did he really do the raspy thing the whole time without any voice altering devices?)

Umm...yea, i might go see it at least once more in the Imax. When you see it, come back and tell me how much you worship Heath Ledger's ass kicking skills.

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