Monday, June 30, 2008

The underground

Place of the week:

Upper west side's Underground.

Why is it the place of the week? Well because I spent nearly all week there.

I either began my evening (afternoon) drinking somewhere else and wound up there, or I simply got bored at home and made a night of it. Either way, I found myself having consistently fun times there, so it's my place of the week.

Check them out here.


Weekdays there are drink specials (and cheap drinks all the time)
A pool table with space around all four sides!! (rare in any smaller bar i've ever been to)
outdoor smoking area where you can enjoy your drinks
friendly service
different crowd every night (except for the occasional repeat offender...)
good music, whether it be the jukebox, live music, or DJ...

It's a good spot, end of story.

1 comment:

Seema said...

i have been meaning to check out this joint for years now. looks like a good time