Friday, June 13, 2008

Mini Vacation.

I had a mini vacation. Sort of. I spent a few days invading Jennifer's house. Jennifer is my very good friend that lives in the Bronx. We did fun things, went to home depot to go shopping, went out to dinner, stayed in and had friends over, painted her bathroom, and I WAS going to tattoo my friend Brandon who agreed to apprentice me when I was ready to start learning tattooing . . . .But he got tied up tattooing ribs onto Paul's ribs. Yes, you heard correctly. What do I mean? I mean barbecued baby back ribs, he got them tattooed onto the right side of his ribs.

What a great idea. He sat for two days, several hours a piece each day. got his ribs scraped and poked at for the duration of those two days.. He took it like a champ on day 1, but day 2 (extra sore and tender after day 1) me and jen were stir crazy from being in the house for so much of the time the last few days that we found it hilarious that he thought chewing on a paper towel was going to somehow relieve pain? Ha... I think he was just bracing himself or when you have an open wound in the middle of the desert and the friendly cowboy pours tequila or whiskey on it to disinfect it and you bite down on a rag or belt so you don't bite your tongue off or scream. Like that. But with a papertowel.

Awesome job though, Brandon's talent never fails to impress. He is actually the man that is working on several more tattoos for me.

1 thing i learned about tattoos that I will never forget because of what Brandon told me: DO NOT GO IN THE SUN OR TO THE BEACH FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS FOLLOWING GETTING A TATTOO. Especially if he tattoos you. Ha. (i learned the hard way, let's just say that)

Another thing I learned is that oozing is disgusting. When you get a tattoo, for example, on the ribs...It sucks, it really hurts. I mean really. the tattoo I have on my side manages to touch my ribs, my underarm, and the side of my boob. Ouch. Then, when it comes to real sensitive places, it swells. And oozes. When I say oozes, I mean it looks like you are a sponge and you are being squeezed til the "stuff" comes out. quite gross. But, they are like battle scars, they are amazing to experience getting and having and all of the above.

Im so freaking exciting to finally feel like I know what I want to do, something I feel good about!!
Art has been my passion as long as I can remember, though maybe I lost hold of it for awhile. I know now that I have to hold on tight.

So i've been drawing alot. Most especially, things I can see myself tattooing on to people.


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