Sunday, May 25, 2008


how can i break this down........

why the hell is there a cleaning solution called baby? mistolin is great, it usually smells wonderful, and cleans the way it is supposed to, my mother has used it since before i was born probably. but WHY is there a scent named after Baby. first of all, what the fuck does a rubber ducky smell like? second of all, this scent is exactly what I would imagine a baby prostitute to smell like. Mistolin, let's rethink this one. thanks.


all those damn flowers and rainbows and sparkles and gifs and looks like someone ATE the internet and then shit it all over your page, in my humble opinion. also, your stupid pictures all look the same and if i see one more stupid gang sign im gonna find you, take your fingers, and shove them up your ass to remind you of how full of shit you actually are. here's another one: if you have a kid, thats awesome. if you want to put up pictures of your kid, even more awesome, way to entice sexual predators. at least make sure you dont have your 3 year old kid wearing big hoops and jeans tight enough that they are squeezing the huggies out of your kid. and PLEASE if you decide to have these pictures of your kid up, make sure the next picture is not of your sagging labia in a thong or a bikini, because i cannot stress how UNSEXY that actually is. There's nothing wrong with looking hot WHILE WEARING CLOTHING.

to: general public on myspace, the offenders who know who they are. if you don't know who you are, you can administer this one easy test to know if you are one of the idiots i am talking about.

read this blog. if you get angry, its probably because you're a complete degenerate and commit any/all of the aforementioned internet blunders.

i'm not mad, i'm just real.